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AzCDL lobbies at the Legislature on behalf of our membership and the good citizens of Arizona.

During a session, AzCDL’s representatives work full-time at the Capitol, testifying at committee hearings, monitoring Floor votes, and working with other pro-rights groups.  Between legislative sessions, we look for ways to improve existing laws and meet with legislators on proposed bills. 

The following are resources that AzCDL provides to help you participate in the legislative process.

Legislative Action Center (Contact your legislators, the Governor, state agencies and even the media)

Bill Tracking (See the legislation that AzCDL is monitoring)

Voting Records (See how your legislators voted on key bills)

Candidate Questionnaires (See how those running for office feel about your Right to Bear Arms)

Political Action Committee (Your contributions go directly to affecting who is at the state capitol)

Arizona State Legislature (a link to their official website)


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